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Our Services

Powered by quality assured solutions, we set new standards of cleaning performed on a consistent regular basis.

We want you to feel confident that your office, work place, facility or building will receive the best service.

We also perform STRICT QUALITY CHECKS and INSPECTIONS to ensure that our high standards and your high expectations are met.

Our site services consultants can meet with you to discuss your needs and your budget to customise a routine cleaning program best for you.

Our services include, but are not limited to

sep-icon service we offer


Total Cleaning

Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, cleaning fixtures and furniture, disinfecting hard surfaces, waste collection, cleaning and disinfecting private amenities and all other customised schedules.


Executive Home Care & Detailing

Home care services as requested by you, timetabled to suit your movements, following a meeting to understand your requirements, and level of services required.


Tile & Grout Cleaning

Relevant and optional scopes available to clean your tiles and grout based on your requirements with communication provided on the state of pre and post clean services.


Carpet Care

Pre-treatment & Carpet steam cleaning with deodorizing.



Window Cleaning

Windows allow you to embrace nature and see her in her full glory. There are times when your home windows or large transparent surfaces may be caked with dust, and wind propelled substances.


Pressure Washing

Surface areas such as driveways, hard surfaces, pathways etc cleaned as per your requests.



Bin Cleaning and sanitization

Commercial and Residential bins cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis or as desired.



Graffiti, grease and gum removal

Using latest non-intrusive methods, related services are provided on request with clear communication on the state of the subject and best solutions available.


Rubbish collection

General rubbish and refuse collected and taken away by our team members upon receiving your confirmation and details of matter removal requested.



Garden and Landscape care

Mowing, trimming, hedging, picking up refuse, and any special requests you may have for your gardens and lawns e.g. aeration and re-seedings etc.



Rotational cleans/ Special requests

Often we come across a task where special attention is needed for a service for e.g. cleaning your garages, storages, lights, fridges, ovens etc. We are more than happy to hear from you in regards to any special requests.


Special events cleaning

On the social circle, should you have a special event e.g. family get togethers, parties or formal meets etc, and require us to be on site, or even after the event, we shall respond and shall carry out your requirements.


Emergency responses

In cases of a non-contributory or incidental spillage, damages etc, our team are trained to respond and perform a thorough clean so that your premises are safe and habitable.


Customised cleaning programmes

Based on your budgets and requirements, we will be able to design an uncompromising cleaning schedule with you in mind.


Assignments which challenge you

Perhaps you may have come across a very challenging task? Let’s get together, we may be able to solve it together with our signature service!